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28 Jun 1995 11:16:06 -0800

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John, and all other WWI flying scale fans...

I know it is not a D-Va and a little small, but look to Steven Stratt of
Airdrome in NYC for his 54" Albatros D-III plans. It is an exquisite plan set
with some real construction and flying benefits over the D-Va. Not the least
of which is a much larger chord on the lower wing and hence more area. Also the
chords are equal so cutting ribs is much easier. This model is designed for a
geared 40 electric and I am sure would fly just as well with a 40 - 48 FS if you
don't mind rattling all your detail. This model gets pretty large due to the
size of the fuse and the wide wings. Plans show details for functional cockpit
controls if you care to follow his lead. Look in the July and August issues of
Model Builder to see Stratt's work in print. It really is beautiful. He has
plan sets for 9 WWI era birds, scaled for the Astro 40 geared, all are Proctor
quality. His info album is a glossy folder with several spec sheets per model
with sample areas of the plans and lots of photos. At $10 post paid I think it
is a real bargain and just ordered a new one as mine several models old.

Drawings include;
Zeppelin CII 59"
Sopwith Swallow 60" *
Dornier Zep. D.I 56" *
Focke Wulf Fw. 56 70" *
RWD Polish Trainer 70"
Pfalz D.IIIa 63"
Junkers J.2 72"
Fokker D.VIII 55"
Albatros D.II 54"

* Winners of best in scale at KRC in 1992, 93, 94!!

Other than a satisfied customer and a real fan of his work, I have no
association with SS.

Thayer Syme
Date: 6/28/95 10:35 AM

Nieuport 28 1/5+ scale
Sopwith Pup/Triplane 1/5+ scale
Ablatros DVa 1/5+ scale
SPAD 1/5+ scale

I think a series at about 5'6"-6' span would be a good size.
Will fit into a vehicle, but big enough to look scale in
the air. I don't want a hot rod. (I'm not very experienced
at giant scale, maybe I'm all wet)