Re: Builder's Wish List

Don Rinker (Rinker)
Wed, 28 Jun 95 16:05 EDT

On Wed, 28 Jun 95, John Rice <jrice@SEI.CMU.EDU> wrote:
>My list:
> Nieuport 28 1/5+ scale
> Sopwith Pup/Triplane 1/5+ scale
> Ablatros DVa 1/5+ scale
> SPAD 1/5+ scale
Good choices, for easy flying here's some other alternatives

Junkers D-1
Pfalz D-XII

Any of the above feature long noses for good balance, generally flat
sides fuses, simple wings, generally stable flight characteristics
Anything in 1/5 kitted would be great to see.....
Hmmm, Is there a market for these? As I recall Procotors N-11 was in
1/5 scale rather than 1/4 as the N-28 and D-Va, D-VII (are-were-will be)

>I think a series at about 5'6"-6' span would be a good size.
>Will fit into a vehicle, but big enough to look scale in
>the air. I don't want a hot rod. (I'm not very experienced
>at giant scale, maybe I'm all wet)

Well let's see, A 1/4 scale Fokker Dr-1 would be right about 72"
wing span so that falls into the six foot rule....

Only trouble is it's about 32" TALL !!!!! woahhhhhhh.........
(running away very fast.)

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