Re: Welcome Thomasa
29 Jun 95 07:31:00 EDT

Hello Matt,

> I'll go ahead and start the

> You may post them to the list, or email me privately. I hope this
>thread takes off, and everybody sends me something. Who knows, maybe
>I'll have some influence on the latest from Rosemont.

here's my list (painfully reduced to 4 )

SE5a 1/48 US$25
Sopwith Triplane 1/48 US$25
Albatros D.III 1/48 US$25
Bristol Fighter 1/48 US$40

Like Steve, I can easily add another 4 (or more..)
so count the ones above and leave the next 4 as mere suggestions.

Pfalz D.III 1/48 US$25
Sopwith Snipe 1/48 US$25
DH.4 1/48 US$40
RE.8 1/48 US$40

And that should just about

a) bankrupt me
b) get me divorced 8-)

[ "Hey, I built one once" anon.]