Re: Static vs flying models

Thayer Syme (
28 Jun 1995 14:41:42 -0800

Reply to: RE>Static vs flying models
>From conversations have had with Proctor, about half of the Jenny kits they sold
that got built, were for display and half for flying. They sifted photos and
letters from kit owners to get this guestimate.

I have seen a number of their kits on static display in museums and shops around
the country. I am not sure I have ever seen one fly...

Thayer Syme
Date: 6/28/95 2:24 PM
I build plastic static models. I used to build flying and static,
but I got tired of rebuilding wrecks of scale stuff.
But when I was at Aerodrome 94 in Alabama, Proctor had a display
table set up under one of the tents. I was VERY impressed!
Even at the cost, I think I'd like to get one of their Eindekkers
to build up and display without the fabric. It looks good!
Warping wings and everything! They ran out of catalogs, and my
request for one to be mailed seems to have been lost. Still...
And tho they are pricey, from the details I saw, it was worth it.
Not at all like paying for a Meikraft kit and getting it years later
with rough molding and huge gates and sinkmarks.
You flying guys have my admiration, but I'll stay in plastic, keep
up my membership in IPMS and have fun.