Re: Welcome Thomasa

Frank Reaume (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 19:07:40 -0400

>> You may post them to the list, or email me privately. I hope this
>>thread takes off, and everybody sends me something. Who knows, maybe
>>I'll have some influence on the latest from Rosemont.

Reducing your most wanted list to 4 is simply not fair. WW1 has been
relegated to the back pages for far too long.

I'll submit my list of 4 from both sides of the trenches:

I. On the east side (all in 1/48 and pricing - who knows?)

a) Albatros D.III
b) Aviatik D.I
c) Phonix D.I
d) Roland D.II

II. From the west side:

a) Bristol Fighter
b) Sopwith Snipe
c) SE-5a
d) DH-2

There are countless more that should be produced, but this list is a start.