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Tom Rataski (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 20:11:39 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 28 Jun 1995 wrote:

> Well let's see, A 1/4 scale Fokker Dr-1 would be right about 72"
> wing span so that falls into the six foot rule....

Giant scale (IMAA version anyway) is 60" for biplanes. That puts a
lot of kits/plans at giant scale.

My list
Albatros Dva 1/4 scale (have plans Scale Plans & Photo)
Fokker DR-I amost 1/4 scale (have plans Nick Ziroli)
Fokker D-VII 1/4 scale (have plans WE Tech Services)
SE-5A 1/4 scale (have plans We Tech Services)

Plus a bunch more golden age bipes (love those WACOs)

Some comments on the plans -
Scale Plans and Photos. We lost a great draftman when Doc Pepino past
away last year. They are superb!
Nick Ziroli. As always - true to scale and flys great
WE-tech services. Bill Effinger has been designing and building since dirt.
His plans are well thought out but the reproduction is the pits!

Another GREAT source of plans for WWI planes is Bob Holman. Has a lot of
plans from builders/draftsmen in the UK.

The big problem now is time - don't have any and can only dream about when
I will. Cross the money part (takes a lota wood to build 1/4 scale
bipes) when I have the time.

BTW if anyone needs addresses of suppliers of WWI flying models. Let me know
and I'll post a list.


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