Re: Fokker D-VII Tips

Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 19:06:07 -0500

>Hey guys, thanks for all the good advice on Fokker DVII & WWI planes.
>Boy, there just isn't anything that people can't answer in this
>news group. (for example, I didn't know Proctor HAD a DVII!)

Thanks! And your welcome! Sounds like they don't....yet.

>Think I will stay away from the Sterling brick and wait for
>the Proctor (or maybe go ahead and get a Jenny). I know I'll
>get a heck of a kit. I'll convince myself that at 500 hoursbuilding time,
>that's only $1/hour; cheap entertaiment.

Flair in England (distributed in the US by Hobby Supply South) has a 61"
Sport Scale D-VII. I have had the Eindecker look a like and am now flying
their Pup and am building the N-17! (Whew!) While all are sport scale,
especially the EIndecker, they are EXTREMELY good flyers (right Larry!). I
wouldn't trade my Pup for anything. All can be scaled up by adding nose
ribs, scale gear and skids etc. I add flying/landing wires to my Flair
models. This plane would be just the right size for the RCM lozenge pattern
which is for a 2" scale model. Their D-VII with an OS 70 Surpass or Saito
80 would be a great model. You might even get away with a Saito 65! I plan
on possibly getting one in the future. My decision is based on what scratch
project I do first. I cannot say enough about the Flair kits! If you need
HSS info let me know! They also have a terrific selection of FF models!