Re: Builder's Wish List

Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 19:06:15 -0500

>Giant scale (IMAA version anyway) is 60" for biplanes. That puts a
>lot of kits/plans at giant scale.
>My list
> Albatros Dva 1/4 scale (have plans Scale Plans & Photo)
> Fokker DR-I amost 1/4 scale (have plans Nick Ziroli)
> Fokker D-VII 1/4 scale (have plans WE Tech Services)
> SE-5A 1/4 scale (have plans We Tech Services)
>Plus a bunch more golden age bipes (love those WACOs)

Too big for me....but they could be scaled down easy enough!

>Some comments on the plans -
>Scale Plans and Photos. We lost a great draftman when Doc Pepino past
>away last year. They are superb!
>Nick Ziroli. As always - true to scale and flys great

His DR1 is not quite completely scale. Seems the gear is a bit off, but
still a great model! Flair has a 1/4 scale Dr1 kit which makes a great flyer.

>WE-tech services. Bill Effinger has been designing and building since dirt.
> His plans are well thought out but the reproduction is the pits!

I believe these are sport scale! Made for large gas burners.

>Another GREAT source of plans for WWI planes is Bob Holman. Has a lot of
>plans from builders/draftsmen in the UK.

This is absolutely true! British plans, as far as I can tell, build large
and light. Good choice for 1/6, 1/5 or 1/4 scale!

>The big problem now is time - don't have any and can only dream about when
>I will. Cross the money part (takes a lota wood to build 1/4 scale
>bipes) when I have the time.

Ain't that the truth!