Re: Builders wish List (a funny!)

John P. Roll (
Wed, 28 Jun 95 23:06:34 -0500

In message <RANC006L.SHUSTAD.642133130095179FRANC006L@USPS.GOV> writes:
> To Al, Matt and others, compiling the wish list:
> First off, lets not re-release any more of that ancient Revell,
> Aurora, Lindberg & Airfix stuff. Lets face it - those kits are now
> about 30 to 35 *OR MORE* years old now! (some older yet). And they
> look it too.

<<Rest Deleted>>

Steve, I'm surprised at you! So, is what you're telling me that anything over
35 is worn out? I'll have to ask Mary (your wife, remember?) about that one.
If that's the case, I guess that I'm still not quite dead yet. You, on the
other hand... Ah, it's great to be young! It's even better to know that I have
_something_ on Steve Hustad!

Chuckles & Grins!
Happy Modeling!
John Roll