Re: Static vs flying models

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 08:21:49 -0500

On 28 Jun 95 at 16:53, Brian Nicklas wrote:

> BTW, does anybody know of replacement 1/35 tracks for the A7V tank?

I don't think anybody is going to put them out, for possibly two
reasons. First, the individually sprung road wheels; and second,
because overall the model is flawed. It has the general look right,
but there are numerous, scale flaws with it. I read about all the
problems in an article somewhere, but can't remember where.

Someone emailed the list with a list of possible WW1 armor books.
One was left off (I believe): The Schiffer book on the A7V. Not a
bad book, especially for the price.

Does the other book on the A7V have scale drawings in it? I'm still
looking for scale drawings on the A7V, so I can scratchbuild one in
1/72nd. A friend is taking the Tauro one and scaling down, but -
since there are so many flaws with the kit - I was looking for
accurate drawings. Thanks.

I'm also still looking for good scale drawings for the many "lorries"
used during the war.

One "unusual" aside: I purchased a few years ago a book on the
narrow gauge railways and cars used by the AEF in France during WW1.
The "plan" is to eventually scratch an engine - working, hopefully -
and a few cars, and get them running on a "representative" diorama.
If interested, the book is put out by the same people who put out The
Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazzette. The book has a few pictures of
FT17's on flat-bed's. Check it out!

I saw where PropagTeam has put out "wood grain" decals in 1/72nd.
For those who don't know, this is the company that makes decals for
all (I believe) the Czech companies, Eduard included.

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