Correcting the Airfix 1/72nd Pup

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 09:03:16 -0500

[ I would like to thank Ray Rimell for supplying most of this
material. ]

Correcting Airfix's 1/72nd Pup (with help from Ray Rimmel, and
the Sopwith Pup Special)


Step (1). Exhaust channel. Make four cuts, two per fuselage
half. A triangle is removed from the firewall and another from
the forward undercarriage leg to the rear edge of the front lower
fuselage. After the insides of the fuselage are painted, .010"
plastic card inserts are attached to the cut-out, forming the
Step (2). Rear fuselage. File a slot at the rear of the
fusleage, then add a "kingpost" from sprue.
Step (3). Forward fuselage. Remove all raised stringer detail
behind the metal fuselage panels. The kit has too many, and all
there should be four horizontal and four vertical stringers.
Add filler caps and breather tubes, using the molded circles for


Step (1). Upper wing. Fill in slots for the molded struts.
Lightly sand down molded ribbing. Remove all control horns, and
replace only the top ones with plastic card.
Step (2). Lower wing. Lightly sand down molded ribbing.


Step (1). Remove the tailplane locating tab. When adding
tailplane, move it approximately 1/16 on an inch forward.


Step (1). Remove the undercarriage brace and replace with a "T"
from sprue, adding two spreader bars to flank the axle.
Step (2). Cut the pitot head from the starboard interplane
strut, and replace either with fine wire, or the pitot head from
Tom's Modelworks British set.
Step (3). Remove pegs on the wheel hubs.


Although this is from memory - and could be flawed - there
are two Blue Rider sheets - RFC and RNAS - that had at least on
Pup on each. You can also obtain roundels from Americal/Gryphon,
Blue Rider, or Almark.

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