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Thayer Syme (
29 Jun 1995 08:06:13 -0800

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The Felixstowe is available from Lone Star Models as a vacuform with metal and
resin parts for the engines and tip floats.

List is @ $65, I got one from Sopwith recently for about $20 less. As this is
the first plastic model I have bought in nearly 20 years, I have no idea how
good a kit it is. At first glance I didn't see any glaring errors.

Thayer Syme
Date: 6/28/95 9:01 PM

As a relative beginner, I like plastic models that are large enough
to be noticed:

Zeppelin Staaken R.XIV (R.43) bomber 1/72 35. 5 engines!
Felixstowe F.2A flying boat 1/48 28.
Gotha G.V bomber 1/48 28 ex-Aurora
Albatros D.III 1/28 25.

-John Cameron