Re: Fokker D-VII Tips

Don Rinker (Rinker)
Thu, 29 Jun 95 22:32 EDT

I tend to use my own hinges and hardware
>since what is supplied is metric. But it is not necessary. In fact to build
>a Flair model all you need is covering, paint (if you choose), wheels, radio
>and engine.

I "like" the fuel tanks... :-) They look like little Snapple bottles, complete
with screw on caps. LUCAS must have branched out into the fuel tank biz...

>not a scale Eindecker by any means. They are a sort of. They fly great and
>are a blast on a .48 or .50 4C. My Pup I can't say enough about. IMAA legal
>and a 14 o wing loading. The Legionaire I have bashed like crazy. So far I

I think the Puppeteer should be classed in the stand off and squint class. Not
even close to true scale outlines... However, with a bit of work it would make
up into a really nice Sop 1 1/2 Strutter. It does fly nicely in light air, but
all that area and light loading really tosses it around in a breeze.

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