Re: Pegasus Phonix D.1 in the Mail.

Mark K. Nelson (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 21:50:06 -0700

>> C. Gannon & Co. have just shipped the new Pegasus kit - a 1/72 Phonix D.1
>> for =A39.99 (if it doesn't show on your machine, that's supposed to be a
>> pound sign over there before the first 9.)
>Ohhhhh - I got to get that one - but OUCH! the price.

NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!

that =A3 (option-shift-3) was a pound sign on my machine, I guess it
doesn't translate. It should have read as 9.99 with a pound sign in front.


Mark (From Kites & Other Delights in West Edmonton Mall)