Distributors & Retailers

Vincent Price (vprice@mailhost.world.net)
Fri, 30 Jun 95 17:13:40 PDT

I just deleted a message about whether or not DML, Eduard know about this list - and wanted to
reply - fumble fingers!

I think the feedback to the distributors is important but will they listen? I work in an industry that
had a large number of manufacturers/distributors - most surviving happily - but very few giving a
real stuff about the end consumer. They are concerned with the retailer not me - the retailer
buys one hundred items, I buy one.

The best way we can tell the manufacturers/distributors what we really want is to get the
retailers on-line. My haunt has already expressed interest about this mailing list and the usenet
group (The main reason being is that I new about some new realeases before they did!). If
you're local shop owner has a computer and is not online why not help out?

Regards Vincent

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