Re: Book Search

Thomas Eisenhour (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 05:48:42 -0700

You wrote:
> I have the following book:
>The Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in Colour
>Fighters Attack and Training Aircraft 1914-1919
>Blandford Press 1968
> I know of a companion book that covers bombers. Does anyone know
>how I could get ahold of a copy of it?

The book is _The Pocket Encyclopedia of World Aircraft in Color:
Bombers, Patrol, and Reconaissance Aircraft 1914-1919_ by Kenneth
Munson. My copy was published by the MacMillan Company, New York in
1972. If I had another copy I'd send it to you. Anyway, hope this
information helps...

- Tom Eisenhour