WWI model ships...

Joseph R. Boeke (jrboeke@laraby.tiac.net)
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 08:48:36 -0400 (EDT)

In an attempt to add vlue to the list (rather than simply sponge off of
it), here is a list of WWI ship models. It isn't necessarilly
comprehensive, but it is a start (all kits are resin or multi-media,
except for those designated by a (p) -- these are injection-molded kits).

Ship Scale Manufacturer
---- ----- ------------
USN Subchaser (p) 1/74 Glencoe
USS Olympia (p) 1/200 (?) Hobby Tsukuda
SMS Seydlitz (p) 1/200 Classic Warships
SMS Emden (p) 1/350 Revell AG
Aurora (Russian) (p) 1/400 Soviet Mfgr.
Potemkin (Russian) (p) " ?
HMS Queen Elizabeth 1/700 Waveline
HMS Aghincourt " Classic Warships
HMS Dreadnought " ?
Tei-en (Chinese) " Kobo Hiryu
Aurora (Russian) " Doc-Modell
Saida (Austro-Hungarian) " " "
SS Nora (tramp steamer) " " "
SMS Derfflinger " Classic Warships
SMS Von der Tann " " "
SMS Goeben " " "
SMS Seydlitz " " "
SMS Moltke " " "

There are also aftermarket parts to convert USN WWII BBs back to their
WWI look (cagemasts, etc...), and several WWII "four-piper" USN DDs which
were left-overs from The Great War.

My source is the Pacific Front Hobbies catalog.