builder wish list --addendum
Fri, 30 Jun 95 08:08:22 PST

I made a little wish list the other day and mentioned that I
would like to see a 1/48 scale Bristol Fe2b.... I meant to
say a Bristol F2b. I s'pose that you all figured that out.

Secondly, I said that I would like to see a Hansa
Brandenberg Seaplane. Well, there are several of them and I
couldn't remember the number of the type so I looked it up
last night. I would like to see the W.29 modeled. It was a
really cool monoplane. Looked way ahead of it time (1917)
except for the tail; the stabilizer is mostly below the
fuselage. I presume it was to give the rear gunner a good
field of fire? Interesting.

Have fun all. It's been hot as hell in Seattle; in the mid
to high 80's yesterday. We just aren't used to that around
here. Tomorrow is Flightfest '95 at Boeing Field. Can't
wait! (I'm taking pictures there and still open to trading
with anyone who is going to the Owl's Head show.)

--Stephen Tontoni