Re: Owl's Head Air Show

Thayer Syme (
30 Jun 1995 09:16:58 -0800

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Jon, Gerry or anyone else attending this weekend,

The "Master of Ceremonies" at Owl's Head is a tall guy (@ 6'5") with dark hair
and a mustache named Charlie Chiachiaro. A very nice man with time for the
guests. Usually he is near the PA Booth which is out in front of the workshop
hangar a bit towards the driveway. I would appreciate it if you said "Hi" for
me. I haven't seen him since last season and am missing summer weekends at OHTM
a great deal.

If you get a chance...

Thayer Syme

ps: There is an R/C field close to the museum for anyone interested in seeing a
little of the local action as well. It is pretty informal but there are usually
guys out both mornings of the weekend.
Date: 6/29/95 8:20 PM

Your right there, Gerry!. I saw it fly a couple of years ago. It took my
breath away! And as Thayer pointed out, there's MORE! I haven't seen the Pup
fly yet. Maybe this weekend.

Hope to see you there.