Re: Fokker D-VII Tips

Douglas R. Jones (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 13:25:14 -0500

>I "like" the fuel tanks... :-) They look like little Snapple bottles, complete
>with screw on caps. LUCAS must have branched out into the fuel tank biz...

I do too. I use them virtually each time. I occasionally use a larger tank
but for the most part use theirs.

>I think the Puppeteer should be classed in the stand off and squint class. Not
>even close to true scale outlines... However, with a bit of work it would make
>up into a really nice Sop 1 1/2 Strutter. It does fly nicely in light air, but
>all that area and light loading really tosses it around in a breeze.

I am not sure I agree. Is it exact, no. Is it close, very much so. Yes the
cabane struts are not correct since they were designed to facilitate easy
removal of the upper wing. The fuse outline is pretty close. Nose slightly
longer than it should be. Is it Scale Masters, no. With a bit of work (not a
lot) will it do well in Sportsman. I think so. Mine did pretty well last
year at Rhinebeck.

Yes it is light. And yes it gets bounced a bit. So? I would rather have a
light plane that flies well than a 1/4 plane with 25 - 30 oz wing loading!
Mine has about 14. I have no serious trouble here in winds up to 18 mph. In
fact if the wind is right I can an alomost verticle descent.