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Sat, 1 Jul 1995 01:44:04 -0400

>In an attempt to add vlue to the list (rather than simply sponge off of
>it), here is a list of WWI ship models. It isn't necessarilly
>comprehensive, but it is a start (all kits are resin or multi-media,
>except for those designated by a (p) -- these are injection-molded kits).
>Ship Scale Manufacturer
>---- ----- ------------
>USN Subchaser (p) 1/74 Glencoe
>USS Olympia (p) 1/200 (?) Hobby Tsukuda
>SMS Seydlitz (p) 1/200 Classic Warships
>SMS Emden (p) 1/350 Revell AG
>Aurora (Russian) (p) 1/400 Soviet Mfgr.
>Potemkin (Russian) (p) " ?
>HMS Queen Elizabeth 1/700 Waveline
>HMS Aghincourt " Classic Warships
>HMS Dreadnought " ?
>Tei-en (Chinese) " Kobo Hiryu
>Aurora (Russian) " Doc-Modell
>Saida (Austro-Hungarian) " " "
>SS Nora (tramp steamer) " " "
>SMS Derfflinger " Classic Warships
>SMS Von der Tann " " "
>SMS Goeben " " "
>SMS Seydlitz " " "
>SMS Moltke " " "
Add to this list the following ancient kits of occassional availability

HMS Iron Duke 1/600 Airfix
RMS Mauretania 1/600 Airfix
Q-ship 1/390 Lindberg
Seeadler 1/232 Revell
USS Oregon 1/216 ITC/Ringo

Plus, Pyro did a 1/240 scale USS Olympia which I think was still
in commission during WW1 as a depot ship or some such.

Airfix and Revell did 'flush-decked', '4-piper' US destroyers and
Frog did a British 'R' class BB which, while in their WWII form,
were not too different from their WW1 appearance.

Aixfix's 1/600 Queen Elizabeth class BB's, on the otherhand, were
issued in their much modified WWII form and, while they *could*
be converted back to WW1 form, just about the only usable parts
would be the hull and main turrets.

Cheers, Bill

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