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Hi list,

Time to de-lurk and provide some useful information:

>> There is a good book on French armored cars and tanks form the Musee des
>> blindes of Saumur (France) : L'aube de la gloire (Dawn of Glory). It has one
>> interesting photo of the pilot post (seen from the inseide) of a FT17 and
> If anybody has this book, are they willing to copy just those pages
>that deal with the interior of the FT17? If not, does anybody think
>that a library in the U.S. would carry it? Thanks!

For anyone interested in building an FT17 a fairly good source of info in
terms of drawings (1:48) and photos is:
STUART - A History of the American Light Tank Volume I
R.P. Hunnicutt
ISBN 0-89141-462-2
It actually covers the M1917 Six ton, which was the American
built version of the FT. But has very good drawings & photos.

Bellona Military Vehicle Prints
Series 24
FT 17 drawings in 1/76 and 1/48 scale
FT 17 x-section drawing

> BTW, does anybody know of replacement 1/35 tracks for the A7V tank?

I'm not sure why you'd want to replace the tracks. They're already
individual link tracks. Would you want to replace them with the Emhar
MarkIV type rubber bands?

As for other references:

British & German Tanks of World War 1
P. Chamberlain & C. Ellis
ARCO Publishing, 1969

The German A7V Tank
and the Captured British Mark IV Tanks of World War 1
M. Hundleby & R. Strasheim
ISBN 0-85429-788-X
(Hard to believe, but a 240 page book)

Plus numerous articles in MAFVA's Tankette and Military Modelling


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