Air Show...

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 3 Jul 1995 08:06:58 CDT

For those in and around the Omaha area, you might want to check out
Offutt Air Force Base's air show this year. Being held over Labor
Day weekend, it's going to be HUGE. Although there won't be any
_real_ aircraft, there will be around 61 WW2-vintage "warbirds".
There will also be everything in the Air Force's inventory - and I do
mean everything. Although there won't be the latest spy plan
(Moonshadow?) - and there won't be the SR-71 (which has been
re-activated), there will be an F-117, and Sunday will see the
christening of a B-2. I suspect - since Offutt is a joint base -
there will also be plenty of Navy, as well.

Our local modeling club will also be a presence. Since this is the
50th anniversary of WW2, the base has decided to through a Martin
plant celebration. Offutt is the site of an old, Martin WW2 bomber
plant, which used to make B-26's and B-29's. The club is putting
together a 4'x8' diorama - in 1/72nd - showing what the plant "looked
like" during war production. It will be housed in the building that
used to be the old plant, as well. It turns out we might be getting
national exposure, too. The Clinton's are going to be here to
kick off the "celebration", and word is they're going to start with
our diorama. Don't know if this is good or bad.:-)

Anyway, sorry to be completly off topic. Well, to continue, has
everyone heard that Kalmbach will no longer produce - or sell - the
"Detail & Scale" and "Colors & Markings" series? Get 'em while you
can. I know Steve Hustad will be the first in line!;-)

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska
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