Down time, and such...

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 3 Jul 1995 08:06:58 CDT

Gentle folk,

In a previous post, I mentioned that our internet box was down. It
was down longer than I posted, so if you sent me any "kit want"
lists, I only received the following three, since Thursday morning -
when all the problems started:

Date sent: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:02:36 -0400
From: (Bill Shatzer)

Date sent: 29 Jun 95 07:31:00 EDT

Date sent: Sat, 1 Jul 1995 13:11:54 -0700
From: (Thomas Eisenhour)

If you see that I've missed yours, please email it to me,

The last news I got from Rosemont is that they're planning on
re-releasing their 1/72nd Drachen kite balloon.

So, what's the feelings about Pegasus' new one? Any word on what
they're next will be? Also, for those with the Eduard Hannover, you
will need to check out the next issue of Military Model Preview
(MMP). They plan on doing one of their reviews of it. The good thing
about MMP, is they are subjective, and will tell you how to correct
things. The worse thing about MMP is - which tends to be true for
some of the other "mainstream" magazines - their lack of WW1
knowledge. Sometimes they're smarter than most. I did manage to
email them with the subscription info for the list, as well as the
"preamble" message you get right after you subscribe. Maybe we'll
see something in the next magazine. Now to get Bab Haydn's address,
and we'll be all set.:-)

I'm going through some serious plastic withdrawl. Since my family
and I just moved to Omaha from Des Moines, everything is still
packed. I've been trying to get the "necessities" unpacked, but when
they're buried under everything else, it's difficult.

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska
"We devour those
who would subdue