Parseval-Sigsfeld Kite Balloons

Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Mon, 3 Jul 95 10:18:55 EDT

Seeing the posting about Rosemont re-releasing the balloon reminds
me, does anyone have any instructions for the kit?
I picked one up from someone who said "I ain't gonna build it"
Know I know why, he mislaid the instructions, if it had any to
begin with. It is pretty straightforward, but if it was vacuformed
any thinner, the flying guys could use it! And rigging the guide/tie-
down ropes in 1/72 is gonna be fun!!
I figure a greenish-gray envelope, and no markings, as "Der Nulle/
Testicle" distinctive shape precluded one most of the time, at least
in the photos I've seen.
BTW - Finally got the March /April, May/June Windsocks and the AEG G.IV
Datafile and JG I color and fabric Special. That Special is a Must-Have!
Doesn't matter if you build flying or static, that is one good book!
And I think the color profiles are the best Windsock has done yet.
- Brian