RE: Air Show...
04 Jul 95 12:47:00 EDT


> Our local modeling club will also be a presence. Since this is the
>50th anniversary of WW2, the base has decided to through a Martin
>plant celebration. Offutt is the site of an old, Martin WW2 bomber
>plant, which used to make B-26's and B-29's. The club is putting
>together a 4'x8' diorama - in 1/72nd - showing what the plant "looked
>like" during war production. It will be housed in the building that
>used to be the old plant, as well. It turns out we might be getting
>national exposure, too. The Clinton's are going to be here to
>kick off the "celebration", and word is they're going to start with
>our diorama. Don't know if this is good or bad.:-)

Good luck with your display. And its all good publicity no matter who looks
at it. Those who are pro Clinton will see it as "Hey great, there is our
wonderfull Pres. looking at that fine diorama". Those who hate him will say
"Look at that $#@@#$ Clinton. I wish he'd get outa the way so _I_ can see
that fine diorama"

;-) Have a great day. I wish I could come see, even if they aren't real