Re: Owl's Head Air Show

Jon Rettinger (
Tue, 4 Jul 1995 23:56:04 -0300

>> Reply to: RE>>Owl's Head Air Show
>>Jon, Gerry or anyone else attending this weekend,
>>The "Master of Ceremonies" at Owl's Head is a tall guy (@ 6'5") with dark hair
>>and a mustache named Charlie Chiachiaro.

Well folks, I made it to the air show, albeit if I was an hour late getting
there. When I arrived, the SPAD XIII was in the air. Later in the day, they flew
the SPAD and Neiuport 17 side by side. Wow! What a sight! I could just imagine
a squadron of those babies flying over France towards the western front. A wolf
pack on the prowl!.

I didn't see any of the other WWI birds fly. I think they normally fly them
just after the opening. So I probably missed them. DRAT the road construction
and traffic!

I do have some news. They are in the process of building a replica SE-5a.
So far they have the structure completed for the fuselage and wings. A replica
Vickers was sitting in place, but not attached. No fabric has been added yet,
just the bare bones structure. What a chance for pictures! Of course, old hard
luck Jon, broke his camera last year. Another DRAT! Make that double DRAT!

Sorry I missed you, Gerry. I was really looking forward to meeting you. I
didn't see one person wearing a bush jacket. Of course, it was 80 degrees
too. 80)


I did get a chance to look up Charlie Chiachiaro and said hello for you.
He's now the director of the museum. He said to give you his best. He was
quite busy all day so I didn't get a chance to chat with him. However, he
did say the museum has a E-mail address and you could get in touch with him
that way. The E-mail address is:

I hope I got that right. His writing is a little hard to make out.

BTW, Charlie said the museum is going to have their own home page on web
within a couple of weeks. It will provide info on the museum and air show