Re: Owl's Head Air Show
Wed, 5 Jul 1995 21:01:15 -0400

Thayer- Sorry I missed you- I got to the show a bit late- I was looking for
Jon's "Cat" shirts- couldn't seem to connect. I was having heart palpatations
from the B-17 and that P-51 and the Corsair beating down the runway. The Spad
was a beaut but my thrill was the FE-8 bouncing out and up into the air. I
took some pictures but my Brownie couldn't get close enough. I also hopefully
have some nice pics of the Etrich Taube. I left about one and headed north to
Bar Harbor to visit my dfaughter and son in law who work on whalewatch boats.
Along the way I cam to a massive book/antique store-[ south of Searsport] and
picked up for a song a volume called "The People's War Book" published
shortly after the war and autographed by Lt. Col W.A. Bishop. Lovely- Cheers.
Gerry McOsker