Re: Owl's Head Air Show

Thayer Syme (
6 Jul 1995 07:17:55 -0800

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One of the OHTM founding philosophies is that machinery actually be
demonstrated. Because of this they were given the oldest known J-3. It was
intended for NASM until the owner found out it would never be flown again. It
is now in storage in Owl's Head.

They do expect to fly the Farman. It was built from working drawings for
another replica. I think the one used in Those Magnificent Men. They better
fly it, I varnished most of the ribs knowing it would fly. There is also a
pretty funny saga about a scale model built by a couple of the volunteers.
Seems it was extremely pitch sensitive and ended up on it's back more than once.



The Farman is finished and standing in the museum. Do you think they'll
fly it in the future? Now, that would be a SIGHT.