Re: British Colors

Don Rinker (Rinker)
Thu, 6 Jul 95 20:28 EDT

> Im trying to paint a Smer Camel. I downloaded the info on British
>WWI Colors. Seeing as sig dope would probably eat through the plastic.
>What paint/mixtures do you guys use for the drk brown and lighter
>undersurface colors. I have Testor and Testor Model Master paints available
>in my area.

For plastic models, my personal preference has always been Poly-S paints.
They can be found at hobby shops, artists supply and craft stores on occasion.

Nice thing is that they are water based, flow out nicely, and dry very
quickly. Nothing is easier than mixing up some custom colors using poly-s.
Just like water colors. Water clean up on your tools. :-)

With a foam brush you can paint a wing or fuse and it will flow out and dry
with no discernable brush streaks. Sprays well too.

I still use enamels for metal items, and certain detailing.

Generally I like to get the colors right, affix the decals ( if any) and worry
about surface sheen with a flat,satin, or semi gloss topcoat.

If no one can help you locally, check out the mail order adds in some of the
scale model magazines.

Dont get to do plastic stuff often as I'd like to...........

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