Re: British Colors

Don Rinker (Rinker)
Fri, 7 Jul 95 12:50 EDT

>If wanting good color chips to go off of, I recommend Replicraft's.
>They produce two sheets - one for British and one for French. They
>are great references, especially if you don't have access to
>Methuen. The address I have - which might be out of date - is:
>Replicraft, 1400 Gomes Rd., Fremont, CA, 94538, USA. However, I
>believe I got my sheets from WW1 Aero.

Yes, the Replicraft ones are VERY good, as are most of the early issues
of Winsock when you still got a paintchip in each issue.
Ive checked the Replicraft ones againt the pigment paste I still have that was
used when the SPAD XIII " smith lv" was done for NASM a few years back.
Interestingly, all these pigments have noticeable aluminum powder in them !

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