WW I Armor

Alvan Fisher (fisher@nosc.mil)
Fri, 7 Jul 95 14:58:09 PDT

Scale Link lists some World War I items in their catalogue that
might be of interest including British, German, French, Belgian,
and American infantry and cavalry plus many accessories.
Included are Rolls Royce armored cars (both spoked and disk
wheel versions), Mk IV (male) tank plus sponsons for the female
version (separate), Renault FT-17, wagons, motorcycles,
artillery, small arms, et cetera. All are cast in a lead alloy
in 1/35 scale (54 mm) and have excellent detail. The larger
items are both expensive ($155US for the FT-17) and . . . with
many etched brass parts . . . difficult to assemble. I've not
examined the larger items carefully, but the figures are among my
favorites. The many accessories make them ideal for kit-bashing.

Scale Link's address is The Talbot Hotel, Blandford Road, Iwerne
Minster, Dorset, DT811 8Qn, UK. Tel/FAX 0747 811817

Their American distributor (from which I got the above info) is
Red Lancers, 324 Front Street, Milton, PA 17847, USA. Tel 717-
742-3195; FAX 717-742-4814.

Several years ago I saw some vacuum-formed kits that included
some WWI armor and trucks. Sorry, but I can't find the name of
the company. Can anyone pull out their name and address?

I can also supply names of toy soldier companies who make WW I
stuff. These aren't scale models by any stretch of the
imagination, but might be of interest depending on your needs.
Two UK firms . . . Tommy Atkins and the Toy Army Workshop (TAW)
are among the leaders here.

While on the subject, I'm looking for information (drawings,
dimensions, photos) that would help me make a limber for the
German 77mm field gun, a Belgium dog cart with Maxim, and a
German kite balloon (drachen). As I'm into toy solders and not
scale models, this info can be rather general as I don't need
every nut and bolt.

Best of Luck!

Al Fisher
email: fisher@nosc.mil