Latest Rosemont news...

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 10:51:37 CDT

Latest word from Rosemont.

Sierra Scale is releasing the following:
Hansa Brandenburg C.I (Austro-Hungarian) - 1/72nd
Hansa Brandenburg W.18 - 1/72nd!!!!
AEG C.IV - 1/48th

Next batch of Windsock's should be in around 1 August.

In a discussion about Meikiraft, Barry from Rosemont mentioned that
Meikraft is re-releasing their Albatros C.III. I told Barry
Meikraft should re-release their Hansa Brandenburg W.29. Well, guess
who's coming out with a whole line of WW1's? MPM, from Czech. Turns
out a W.29 - as well as a Pfalz Dr.I!!!!!! - among others are going
to be released. No time frame, though. So, even if Meikraft does
re-release the W.29, I'm sure MPM's will be better! If Meikraft
isn't careful, he's bound to piss off more people - if there's anyone
left! Sounds like all the previously announced 1/72nd Eduard kits
are being issued by MPM. It doesn't matter who, just bring them out!
Makes me want to start my Baby!

And just when I thought I would spend less on models...:-)

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