Re: National's question...

Randy J Ray (
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 09:52:04 -0600 (MDT)

>I will be at the '96 show in Virginia Beach, hopefully. Not many more places
>in the "western" third of the country that would be within driving distance of
>Denver, but I can hope. Maybe Salt Lake City will bid. Their R10 Regional last
>year was actually rather well done. Much further west than SLC, though, and I
>have to buy plane tickets. Guess I got spoiled, what with Omaha last year and
>Albu-quirky this year, both driving distance from Denver... :-)

Ack... I should clarify that, as I left out a few key phrases... next year is
when they will select the 1998 National site, which will be in the Western
third of the country (I think that IPMS uses the Mississippi and the Rockies
as dividers). Since I already know that the Central-area Nat is a flyer and
not a driver, I am interested in where 1998 lands. I'm buying too many airline
tickets these days, what with the AMPS armor show, and the more figurine work
I do, the more likely to go to the Chicago show, etc.


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