Fokker E.III in 1/72

Randy J Ray (
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 16:58:00 -0600 (MDT)

OK, I am getting ready to ramp up my very first real* WWI project. I am all but
wholly decided on the Revell Fokker E.III in 1/72 scale. I have the Aero
Profile, and the Windsock Datafile. I also have Rimell's Osprey book, "German
Army Air Service in World War One". I hope that I have the bases pretty well
covered, but I am most concerned about good engine documentation, as I plan on
scratch-building the engine using the technique Derek Brown used on his 1/72
scale Ki-46 Dinah that won Judge's Grand at last year's IPMS Nats. It helps to
have the pioneer himself a local phone call away. :-) I think the datafile will
give me clear enough shots of the firewall and mounting assembly, and I think
I'll have enough to go on for the cockpit (I also have the Eduard 1/48 scale
kit that I can use to "fill in" the cockpit details that photos don't cover).
Any additional hints will be appreciated. I am going to try to put this off
until Charles Hart returns from his field expidition, as he is another well of
local knowledge I wish to tap. :-) Now, if only Steve Hustad lived closer...


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