RE: Fokker E.III in 1/72
12 Jul 95 10:12:00 EDT

Hi Randy,

> I plan on scratch-building the engine using the technique Derek Brown used
on his 1/72
>scale Ki-46 Dinah that won Judge's Grand at last year's IPMS Nats. It helps
>have the pioneer himself a local phone call away. :-) I think the datafile
>give me clear enough shots of the firewall and mounting assembly, and I
>I'll have enough to go on for the cockpit (I also have the Eduard 1/48
>kit that I can use to "fill in" the cockpit details that photos don't
>Any additional hints will be appreciated. I am going to try to put this off

>until Charles Hart returns from his field expidition, as he is another well
>local knowledge I wish to tap. :-) Now, if only Steve Hustad lived

You obviously mean it when your tag line says:

"I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it." :-)

Have fun with it. A mate here in Brisbane did much the same as you intend
without doing the engine work ( he did replace it with an Aeroclub item as I
recall) and came up with a beauty.

I have had email from Charles, who is now deep in the "Outback", and deep in
the dirt too as a Palaeontologist should be :-) He had a visit to the
Australian War Memorial in Canberra to look at the Pfalz, Albatross etc and
told me:

" I visited the war memorial my first day here. I found
the tomb of the unknown to be the most striking civic monument I have
seen in any country. It is an awe inspiring place."

I hope he continues to enjoy his visit - you may benefit too since I'd bet
he'll bring back at least some new and interesting insights on modelling
subjects after looking the AWM over.