first air victory

Erik Pilawskii (
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 21:45:40 -0700 (PDT)

'Day All,

Well, I just re-acquired a book that I'd owned years ago, and lo and
behold what's in the front few pages? A very nice description of the 5/Oct/14
battle we touched on last week!
The reference is "Fighter" (1973 Cooper,Batchelor) by Scribners Press.
I'll not retype the whole thing here. Suffice to say that their depiction
essentially confirmed what I had written earlier, except that they have
Frantz starting above the Aviatik. The French machine was indeed a Voisin 3
of No.24 Esqdrl. The German machine was an 'Aviatik', though the precise
model is not given. The German crew were pilot Wilhelm Schlichting and
Commander/Observer Fritz von Zangen. The Aviatik was armed with a Mauser
'carbine' (7.65mm pistol with a large shoulder stock and increased magazine)
The description of the various maneuverings is quite fascinating. Further,
this account gives the Aviatik as catching on fire as Frantz was in the
act of giving up and heading home, though the German crew is still given
as having been buried with full honors.
A painting accompanies the story. It depicts a Voisin 3 with natural
linen wings and a dark green fuselage. The Aviatik depicted is a B.II in
natural linen. The artist took some rather dramatic liberties with the
combat, however, depicting both machines riddled with bullet holes, while
the Aviatik sports a Parabellum in the rear cockpit! Ah, well....

Hope that helps, Erik
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