Re: Fwd: National's question...

John Huggins (huggins@Onramp.NET)
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 01:50:38 -0500

>Columbus, Ohio. Other than being 60 miles from Wright-Pat, none of us here in
>Denver could figure out what they have to offer over Chicago, except that
>they've not had the show before. *shrug*
Both would be good, but the rumor is that Chicago lost out because the
vendor room would have to be torn down Sat evening to make room to set up
the banquet tables for dinner. The vendor room can't be packed in 2 hours
unless all you have is one box of kits and a suitcase.

Thanks to all who came by my booth and said hi. I enjoyed the brief chat,
and am sorry I didn't have more time to visit.

If you weren't there, you missed a good one. The ABQ folks did a great job
and were very helpfull. My hats off to them for a "Job well done"

See all of you in V.B. next year.