Re: Jasta 2, revisited...

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 16 Jun 1995 10:03:59 +0000

Joe commented and pondered:

> Thanks! I was able to find the Squadron Dr.1 book at a local shop last
> night. It has color plates of Baeumer & Kempf's machines and another
> unidentified Dr.1 from Jasta 2 (black/white/yellow stripes aft of the
> cockpit).

For those who are interested, I MIGHT be able to get some of the
out-of-print datafiles. We have one source here, that no one tends
to buy from (except those in the local IPMS club), so they just might
have some of the harder to find ones. I won't be going back until
early July, but after I do I'll post on which titles are available.

> As you mentioned, this is the book with the Blue fuselaged Dr.1 for v.
> Raben's machine. There is one poor quality photo of his Dr.1 after it
> was shot down in the book (the print that I have is similar, but I think
> it is a better shot -- could have been the printing).
> At any rate, the forward fuselage is VERY dark. However, the upper wing
> is visible (if a little over exposed), I can clearly see the balkenkruze,
> outlined in white. The fabric surrounding the white of the cross is
> considerably lighter than the black of the cross.
> I would make the assumption that the top wing is not red (if red is
> tonally darker than black in B&W photos). But, maybe it was faded? Any
> thoughts comments or short speches?

All indications are that regardless of the fuselage color, the top
wing (actually, the upper part of all wings) was the same color. The
problem is probably the lighting. With the top wing completely in
"the sun", the rest would appear darker. However, I would not rule
out entirely the top wing being faded. From what I've gathered, the
dopes used by the Germans tended to fade quickly - and the planes
were frequently re-painted.

> Also, Do you (or anyone) know if the Windsock Datafile on the Dr.1 is
> still in print?

No, this datafile has been out of print for many years. I believe it
went out of print the year it was introduced. The earlier datafiles
were printed in such small numbers, they were snatched up quickly.
Be aware, though, that some of the info from the datafile can be
found in the special. However, there is good news on the horizon.
Rimmel plans on re-printing the earlier datafiles. His note in the
latest Windsock are that they will come out sometime between late
summer and early next year. The bummer is, though, that he's talking
again about a small print run. Your best bet is to ask a hobby shop
to put one on hold for you. Since Bill Dean went under, I get all my
Windosocks/Datafiles/Specials from Rosemont. He (Barry) orders
enough that he tends to have a few hanging around after his
"regulars" get theirs pulled.

For those that order through Sopwith Hobbies, what "advantages" do
they offer over Rosemont? I'll probably order their catalog, but was
curious before I do. Thanks.

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska