Re: Von Raben ?

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 16 Jun 1995 11:13:21 +0000

Michael also pondered:

> Who is this von Raben? I did not find his name on any of my "ace" lists. I
> gather from recent posts that he flew with Jasta 2 (Jasta Boelcke) during
> '18, since his Dr. 1 is supposed to have Balkenkreuze. And, that he was
> captured.
> Any further bio info as to why modelers would want to model his machine?

Although I don't have any of my aces info in front of me: Raben was
the leader of Jasta 18, which was also called Jasta Raben. I am not
sure when he became leader of Jasta 18, so he may have - at some time
- been a member of Jasta 2. However, he is most known for his
leadership of Jasta 18. He not only flew a "red and white" Dr.I, but
also a red and white (which is - I believe - "confirmed") D.VII. If
you have seen the DML D.VII, one of his "Jasta-mates" machines is
profiled. However, the DML kit is in-accurate for this (and any
other Jasta 18) machine. Most D.VII's flown by Jasta 18 were BMW

Oops. Seem to got away from the main discussion. Your best source
of info for Jasta 18 (and Raben) is the _Fliegertruppe_ book put out
by A.E. Ferko. Unfortunately - since we just moved - all my books
are still packed. I will try to uncover these books, and get you the
address next Monday.

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska