Re: QUERY: von Raben's Dr.1 (...
Fri, 16 Jun 1995 20:47:47 -0400

Dear Joe,

I found another source for the blue and white Dr1, but the book has a number
of other errors so I'd take it with a grain of salt. There's a side view in
"Military Aircraft Markings and Profiles" by Barry Wheeler, 1990. Next to
the painting is this caption: "Dr1, Jasta 18, Imperial Air Service, Western
Front, Late 1918. Acquired by the French after the Armistice in November,
this machine carries a bird insignia of the unknown pilot(!)"

Above this plane is a profile of Richthofen's 425/17. The cowling is very
dark grey and the wheel covers, white, with a light blue underside overall.
Depending on who you believe, this plane should have been overall red, at
least according to the Dr1 Special put out by Windsock. I've found a couple
of other "fanciful" camo schemes for some other planes, so I never know if I
can trust it or not.

Speaking of the Squadron book, did anyone else notice that all the planes in
the color mid section were streaked olive over turquoise/sky/light blue?
Nothing is mentioned in the text about this, but the the Windsock special,
Rimell says only a few left the factory painted this way. Most had the olive
paint streaked over the clear doped linen. Any comments?

One more question. In the Windsock Special, in color profile "X", Greim's
plane (Jasta 34B) is said to have had the rear fuselage and tailplane painted
in aluminum dope. Does anyone know if this type of dope was similar to that
used in French planes, with small bits of metal actually mixed into the dope,
or was the color closer to a non-metallic silver-grey?

Thanks in advance,
Jeff Hamblen