More about Raben?
Fri, 16 Jun 1995 21:12:35 -0400

Franks' book _Above the Lines_ mentions Raben in passing as CO of Jasta
18. He says that Raben had been with Ja 15 before Berthold arranged the
staff swap, so that all former Ja 15 staff became Ja 18, and vice versa.
although the thread gets a bit tangled as to who and when.
Franks' cites a Leutnant August Raben (not von Raben, curiously) as taking
over as Staffelf'u'hrer for Oberleutnant Ernst Turck, although the dates get
I found no mention of his "score"
Franks did say that the ex-Ja 15 new-Ja 18 was called Staffel Raben after
the swop. "...the aircraft usually carried a black raven insignia on the
white fuselage, back from the cockpit, while the nose and forward part of the
fuselage was in vermillion red; some also had striped elevators." (p.37)
Did he become a "von" later? O'Conner did not cite him as becoming a "von"
by receiving the Bavarian Max-Josef Order, like Max *Ritter* von M'u'ller.
Any other bio that mentions why the unusual honor of having a staffel
named for him? Must have been something other than his score.

-- Micheal