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Sat, 17 Jun 1995 00:26:04 -0400

In a previous message, I wrote:
>Well, the current issue of Over the Front contains a complete roster
>of all Jasta 2 flying personnel. I'll check that tonight and post a
>definitive answer - I'm *pretty* sure Raben was CO of one of the
>Jasta 2 squadrons and *maybe* even the Jasta CO at one time but
>I've learned that whenever I shoot from memory without checking
>my references, I usually hit my foot! :-)
And, of course I meant Jagdgeswader 2, not Jasta 2!

Well, I was right, but *just* barely. Ltn. d. R. August Raben
was CO of Jasta 15 of Jagdgeswader II for 5 days - from
March 15, 1918 until March 20, 1918! He then moved on
to Jasta 18 and was replaced as CO of Jasta 15 by Obltn.
Ernst Turck.

On another subject entirely, here are a couple of interesting
WW1-type resin models that were announced in the most
recent issue of Kit Collectors' Clearinghouse:

Firing Line/Flight Path
Trefacwn Fach, Llanrhian
St. Davids, Pembs
Dyfed S A 6 2 6DP, Wales, UK,
has a 1/15 (!!) scale British Mk. I (male), and

Plum Blossom Design
James Miller
PO Box 44424
Eden Prairie, MN 55344,
has a bunch of Austro Hungarian 1/72 scale goodies including
two different sets of AH aircrew figures, Schwarzlose MG's
a baby coffin gun pod and a Lloyd C.V (complete kit). Next
releases for this outfit are scheduled to be a FE 2b and a
Freidrichshafen G.III.

No prices listed on any of these and I've never dealt with either
of these folks so I can't vouch for the quality of their product but
merely pass this along for any who might be interested.

Cheers, Bill

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