Fliegertruppe books

Thomas Eisenhour (t_eisen@ix.netcom.com)
Sat, 17 Jun 1995 06:12:46 -0700

_Fliegertruppe 1914-1918_ published in two volumes by A.E. Ferko, P.O.
Box 634, Salem, Ohio 44460 USA. Vol. 1 was published in 1980; vol. 2
was published in 1986. Both volumes were printed by Lyle Printing and
Publishing Co., Salem, Ohio.

Vol. 2 has more information about Jadgstaffel 18 (Staffel Raben) than
you probably ever wanted to know!

I have no idea if the books (or Mssr. Ferko) are still available but
good hunting!

Keep 'em flying,

Tom Eisenhour