DH something and reference

Sun, 18 Jun 1995 00:44:03 -0400 (EDT)

Well, I jumped too fast and read S E to be D H. Sorry to have perhaps gotten
some hopes up. Well, to make small amends, I'll answer John Cameroan's
question about the 'reference'.
This is John Burns' "The Collectors Value Guide for Scale Model Plastic Kits"
commonly spoken of reverently as CVG6, as it is in its sixth edition. The
book identifies 'every' known maker, past and present, and 'all' the kits
produced, styrene, resin, or vac. It covers cars ships and space vehicles as
well as airplanes, but air takes up 190 of the 350 pages. The value guide
portion gives a relative worth of a kit, in dollars, which is really only
an indicator. You'd probably trade two ten-dollar kits straight across, but expect to
get some cash between a ten-dollar one and a two-dollar one.
John's address is 3213 Hardy Drive, Edmond OK 73013, and the book is $30.
He also publishes a buy/sell magazine at $15/year (6 issues). In addition to the
ads, it usually has news of new issues, and sometimes some history of models.