Re: Fokker F.I (was von Raben)

Thomas Eisenhour (
Sun, 18 Jun 1995 05:24:33 -0700

You wrote:
>> I've seen one source that says the three Fokker F.I's (including
>> Voss's 103/17) were done in this silver/blue scheme. I'm kinda
>> sceptical myself but if Ray Rimmel says this, it's certainly worthy
>> of very serious consideration. He gets things right much more
>> often than he gets 'em wrong. However, I would be interested
>> in knowing *why* these three (or 'few') a/c used a paint scheme
>> completely different from anything Fokker used before or after.
>> I'd be less sceptical if I had a logical answer to this.
> Perhaps they were field testing a factory applied scheme?

Good point, Jess! Perhaps the streaked green was applied over ALUMINUM
dope (a la Pfalz D.III) rather than turquoise.

- Tom Eisenhour