Ltn. der Reserve August Raben

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>From _Fliegertruppe 1914-1918_, vol. 2, by A.E. Ferko, published 1986
by Lytle Publishing Co., Salem, Ohio:

Following von Tutschek's loss on March 15, 1918, Berthold was offered
command of JG II. Berthold agreed, provided he could take with him all
of the ground personnel and pilots from Jasta 18. Apparently, this
unusual request was approved, and the exchange was made about March 20.

"From JG II/Jasta 15 arrived Ltns. August Raben, Kurt Monnington,
Albert Mendel, Erich Spindler, Hans Muller, Hans Schulz, Eberhard
Baier, ___ Bergner, ___ Hebler, ___ von Waldow, as well as non-coms
Vzfw. Wilhelm Kuhne, Richard Schleichart, ___ Maurer, and ___ Glatz.
Command of the 'new' Jasta 18 was vested in the able hands of Ltn.
Raben, an experienced Jagdflieger who had previously flown with Jastas
36, 39 (as Fuhrer) and 15 (as Fuhrer).

Raben's command change was not marked with an auspicious beginning: on
March 20, Raben overturned his aircraft on takeoff, breaking his arm.
He was taken to a hospital in Marle to have his arm set and to
recuperate where he remained until April 14.

One of Raben's victories was a DH-9 on August 13th (claimed by Kuhne)
which went down near either Altdorf or Altroff.

According to _The Pour le Merite and Germany's First Aces_ by John
Angolia and Clint Hackney, Jr.(published 1984 by Hackney Publishing
Co., P.O. Box 17, Friendswood, Texas 77546, USA), Raben is credited
with four victories.

More later on Jasta Raben colors and markings...