From barclay de Tolly to all Allies

James Bufkin (
Sun, 18 Jun 1995 15:32:11 -0500

To : All Allied Players

The Allied army is gathering in strength for the ultimate destruction of the
lawless French Army and the capture of the criminal Napoleon.

The overall plan I'm recommending is to defend a flexible horse shoe around
the French aggressors and then strike with a multiple phase offensive. The
first phase of the offensive will be led by a reinforced Army of Silesia
under the command of General Blucher. The Army of Bohemia under the Command
of Prince Charles of Schwarzenberger will remain on the defensive until the
sufficient pressure is put on by the Army Silesia to force a major French
commitment to the battle. Operations in the North will be dictated by French
reaction to the offensive. I'm prepared to add in a mobile reserve of
40,000+ additional Russian troops to temporarily report to the Crown Prince
of Sweden.

More detail orders will be issued directly from your commanders. A command
structure for the entire allied effort will available very soon..

Your comments on the plan will be carefully considered


Barclay de Tolly