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Matt Bittner (
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 07:47:33 +0000

Jeff wondered:
> Above this plane is a profile of Richthofen's 425/17. The cowling is very
> dark grey and the wheel covers, white, with a light blue underside overall.
> Depending on who you believe, this plane should have been overall red, at
> least according to the Dr1 Special put out by Windsock. I've found a couple
> of other "fanciful" camo schemes for some other planes, so I never know if I
> can trust it or not.
> Speaking of the Squadron book, did anyone else notice that all the planes in
> the color mid section were streaked olive over turquoise/sky/light blue?
> Nothing is mentioned in the text about this, but the the Windsock special,
> Rimell says only a few left the factory painted this way. Most had the olive
> paint streaked over the clear doped linen. Any comments?

Before the olive over aluminum-dope theory, it was thought that the
F.I's (as well as a few of the first Dr.I's) were olive over
torquoise/sky blue. That's why you'll see that color style

As far as von Richtofen's Dr.I, there are a number of paint schemes
for it. The theory is that it was only all-over red for his last
flight. Although I'm not a Richtofen "fan", I do believe he flew
more than one.

Here's some trivia for ya: Can you name the all-time leading
tri-plane ace?

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska