Jasta 18

Frank Reaume (ah576@freenet.carleton.ca)
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 10:44:37 -0400

There is some interesting colour information on Jasta Raben aircraft
(mainly the D.VII) in Cross & Cockade Journal vol 25/1.

Fokker D.VII 368/18 flown by Ltn Hans Schultz was brought down intact on
June 6, and was the subject of detailed technical reports. It did not
sport the raven emblem, but did have the red/white scheme discussed in
previous messages. One thing was clear - the undersides of the wings were
in standard lozenge fabric. The wheel covers, cabane and undercarriage
struts were also red, and the front radiator shell was painted white.

The same article has a photo of a Dr.I in the red/white scheme, with a
white raven painted on the side of hte fuselage. The caption indicates
that this photo was taken after the armistice, but also notes that there
is no solid evidence that the pilot was Ltn. Raben. Mind you, this article
dates from the spring of 1984, so new evidence may have come to light
concerning Raben's personal sircraft markings.

Hope this helps....Frank